How do you make your New Year's Resolution?

New Year's resolution is a common tradition that most people list during the start of year to resolve 
their undesired habits. If you go through the dictionary, the word resolution it is defined as a firm decision to do something.

The first month of the year is  January. This is considered as the month of deep reflection. It is named after a Roman god, Janus. Janus has two heads that face in opposite direction. One looks back to the year departed while the other one looks forward to the new year ahead. As the New Year is celebrated, we look back at the year behind us, bemoaning our regrets, reflecting on our mistakes and celebrating our success. And then we make well-meaning resolutions basing from our reflections in the past year and hope for the best.

Here are some ways on how you should be making your New Year's Resolution.

1. Don't confuse New Year's Resolution and Goals.

A lot of people are making the New Year's Resolution in a wrong perspective. When you say, "My New Year's Resolutions is to be fit and healthy", you are pertaining for your goal this year. It should be something that you are going to do like, "I will only eat one cup of rice per meal" or "I will spend 30 minutes of jogging everyday". It should be an action plan. Goal is different. It is something that you are aiming for.

2. Write them down.

No matter how you have failed your previous resolutions, do not be discourage. Your resolution should realistic and not so pretty ambitious because you might not able to stick to it. It should be something that will break your bad habit and an action plan to achieve your goal. Place it on your wall, refrigerator on your desk to remind you that you are up to something for this year.

3. Give your self a reward.

If you notice that you are on the right track then give your self a reward. This is to avoid burning out because as the months go by, temptations and challenges are getting closer and closer most especially if it is already approaching the end of the year. If your goals was to get fit, then give yourself a cheat day. If your goal is to get good grades then treat yourself a day for movies. You don't have to be hard on your self.

Making improvements in your life doesn't have to be limited to your New Year's resolution. Improving yourself should be an all-year even that why there are many people fail on keeping their goals long-term. It may be hard at the beginning but eventually you will be able to have a second wind in your marathon. Remember, nothing worth having comes easy.


  1. Sakto jud ning i-differentiate ang Resolution sa Goals. Haha. Basta this year, I will be crazy jud. Hahaha

  2. You are right regarding resolutions but each resolution must be related to a goal that is important to you. Meaning, being committed to the resolution has a innate reward already. ;) It basically hits one and three at the same time. Writing it down is also very important because writing has a "multiplier effect" on happiness.

  3. I'm hoping to have some attainable New Year's Resolutions this year. Thanks for these cool tips, Marica! :)