How to Deal with A Failing Grade

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So just awhile ago, you were told that today is the releasing of grades of the subject with the highest mortality rate. When I say highest mortality rate, this means a lot of students from the previous years failed. You were also told that there will be only a certain percentage of students who can proceed to the next level and only a specific range of grades shall be deliberated at the end of the year. Don’t be discouraged my dear fellow student because as long there is still no final grade, there is still hope. Habang wala pang final grade, may pag-asa pa.

We all have our own ways in coping up with a failing grade. Some go out binge drinking like what they do when they are broken hearted while some go out and eat because they believe that when you are in pain, eat pizza. But don’t let a failing grade over power your will to continue on fighting for a better grade. Take it as a fuel of perseverance and motivation to push harder.

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1. Close your eyes and breathe.
Then repeat three times, “All is well”. Again, “all is well”. Do not panic, after all we all get bad grades. You can let your tears flood your weary eyes but don’t become hysterical and start comparing your grade from others. I have done this and it made me feel worst because some of the people asked were way higher from what I got. Some may have lower than your grade but that would make you a little reliant that the grade 65 is just fine when the passing is 70. Always remember that your goal is to pass, nothing else but to pass.

2. Reflect
When you go home, sit on your study desk and establish on how got that bad grade. Was it because you don’t have time management? Was it because you were too complacent on the first quizzes of your exam? Was it because your study habit wasn’t effective? Or maybe you didn’t give your best at all? Reflect if you really did understand your lessons. Once you have pointed out your flaws then it is time to jot down your plan on how you are going to surpass this subject. When you go to a battle, you don’t only bring your sword but you also come up with an action plan. This is your chance to learn from your mistakes. Maybe you’re going to make a time table so that you’ll be able to cover everything the subjects you should study. Or maybe you’ll revise your study habit to avoid yourself from burning out.

3. Study wisely.
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Even though how much you study hard but if you don’t know how to study wisely then almost 50% of your efforts are gone wasted. Always note which is “must know” and “good to know”. If you are listening to your professor then you’ll know which is which. Sometimes, your professor will mention the words “take note” or gives emphasis on some lines during his/her discussion.

Taking down notes is really important because this will serve you as your guide when you start studying your book. It can also give you a quick review if your professor decides to give your class a post quiz. In addition, take note of what came out in the exam and then highlight those in your print outs or book. It may give you a pain in your heart because you’ll realize how many mistakes you have committed. Well, that is alright because we all learn from mistakes. The next time you’ll encounter a parallel question, you are able to answer it correctly! Ayt?

4. Law of Attraction
Always believe in the law of attraction because this will motivates you and reminds you that you are aiming something. Place a note on your wall or on your ceiling so that every time you wake up, it is the first thing you’ll see in the morning. It should be specific like “I will pass Gynecology!” or “85% General Pathology, I will pass!” Always aim higher than the passing grade so that when you fall, you’re still within the range for passing.

5. Pray.
And of course, do not forget to pray because God will supply the strength that you need in coping up with a failing grade. Pray not because you failed but pray because you need wisdom and courage to go through this trial in your student life. Surrender everything to Him, all your efforts, your perseverance and your goals because like what the saying goes “l do my best and God will do the rest.”


  1. Bitaw tuo ko anang Law of Attraction because it sets your mind. Positivity dapat na bahalag bagsak, basta pasar! wahahaha! But fortunately, I never had a failing grade ever. :D

  2. I really like the way you write. :)

    I agree with studying wisely. No matter how hard you do it, if you are not being wise on what you study, ma waleeey jud ka sa exams. :)

  3. Sometimes an F is just a reminder that you cannot take things for granted. A lot of people get F not because they are dumb but because they lacked the F-fort (effort). Many forget their initial goals. They forget why they are med school in the first place. To be a doctor is a privilege. You will be bestowed the opportunity to save people from death and prolong their lives. It is not a "gift" that can be given to anyone that is why standards are high or else we will have a lot of doctors that we can trust our lives with. Keep pushing. Keep improving. Learn from the Fs and Kaizen!

  4. Focusing on studies could be quite difficult and seeing a failing grade can be heartbreaking. But lnowing your goal and focusing on that more will help you focus on your studies more and inevitably reach your goals. :)

    Thanks for these tips!