Cebu Blogging Community - one of the best I have in 2016

September 10, 2016: Orientation/ Meet and Greet at OLX Cebu (Photo by: KalamiCebu)

Have you ever tried doing something out of your comfort zone? Does it feel like dancing dancing on top of the hill with the wind brushing through your skin? Or was it formidable because everything seems so unfamiliar and you were on your own?

All my life, I have been told what to do, what I should be and how things should be done. Even though I've been staying in Cebu for almost three years now, I am still living under the wings of my folks. For me, I was still inside my little comfort zone. They constantly check on me day and night, day and night and so on. I felt like I don't get enough sunlight to grow up. I realized that I have to go out and spread my little wings to discover and learn new things all by my own.

So this is how it all started.

It was mid-August when I was blog hopping through few Cebu travel blogs when I saw a a blue round seal on one of their side bars. I got curious about it so I decided to search it in the inter web since I was already done with my case study. Lo and behold!, I discovered that this is actually a group for Cebu Bloggers. I went through their site and I saw a button saying [ JOIN OUR BIG FAMILY ]. I was hesitant whether I should click it or not. I've never done this in my life, filling up a form of an unfamiliar group in the interweb. But I thought that it would be a great opportunity for me to belong in a community who share the same sentiments and passion about blogging. I have been blogging for almost six years now but only few knew about it because I had insecurities and I wasn never really confident about my page.

My first event: Tsing Tao Grand Launching at Sugbo Mercado, IT Park (Photo by: Kalami Cebu)

One reason why I joined Cebu Blogging Community is that I want to go out from my little apartment and put my passion on the next level. I find writing it very therapeutic and it releases out the emotional toxins out of my soul even though there are deadlines you have to meet up. Through blogging, I am able to feed my self with happiness. Moreover, I want to challenge my self because joining in a community with unfamiliar faces is my weakest. I am really a timid person and I don't speak when no one talks to me. I would rather stay inside my room rather than mingle with other people. I am glad that the people in the right community, most especially the HIBsters, because everyone are very approachable and very kindhearted. This is a win-win situation for me because not only I gained friends but I also learned a lot of things when it comes to blogging.

With Laagan Nga Bata and The Little Lai during the #UltimateHibstersParty (Photo by: KalamiCebu)

My blog is pretty extraordinary because it has travel, food and medical write-ups. So, I guess it is safe to stay that I am putting this under Personal Blogs because I don't have a focal niche [yet]. But I am proud to share the milestones of my blog -- It already has Facebook Page and has its own domain. Hooray!

Well, there's a point when I felt like quitting when I received a failing grade in one of my subjects. I thought that this whole thing in blogging became a nuisance to my studies but then I realized that the grade I received was from the first quarter. I had it before I entered the community, so it didn't affect my performance in school. Now, this will be another challenge for me on how to balance studies and my passion. I guess, it is a matter of focus, determination and time management. I cannot quit because this is what I have wanted for so long and this is my other dimension of reality.

This stepping out of my comfort zone was more like a dance on top of the hill because it felt like tasting freedom. It may looked scary because I was unaccustomed about it but the people that surrounds it made it very exciting.

To Rea Alducente of Blissfulsnapshots - Thank you so much for being extra patient on answering every time I ask something about the technicalities in the blog. Thank you for being an inspiration when it comes to photo-blogging because everytime we exchange words in the comment section, you always lift up my hopes that I can also take good pictures in my little ways. :)

And to the rest of the Cebu Blogging Community (Hibsters), Thank you for making my year 2016 very memorable. Thank you for giving me the bucket of inspirations, opportunities and courage to step up on something new and something better. Thank you for the bond that we have shared together through events and group chat. Thank you because I never felt like an outcast but more like I belong to a big family.

Last but not the least, to Engr. Francis Robert Demetri C. Quingco, thank you for being supportive and understanding boyfriend when I joined this community. It means  a lot, babs. I love you so much :)


  1. I was also skeptical joining blogging groups but I was happy that CBC is giving warm welcomes to their newbies. My blogging was changed when I entered the community and I'm thankful for that! Glad to have known you Marica! Thanks!!

  2. Aaawwee ma tats man pd ta.

    We all have different reasons why we started blogging, and it's good to know that yours is because you wanted to get out of your comfort zone. I am hoping that you will continue blogging in the future, despite your busy schedule.

    I am so glad to meet all of you guys in this lifetime. :)

  3. Ayeeeee, you're most welcome Mika! I'm very glad to be of help to you anytime and so overwhelmed to know that you are inspired with my blogging. ;) We are glad you are part of the community. Somehow I can relate with how you started because whether people believe it or now, I used to be very timid and would only talk when people ask me or when I already know them. But that really changed a lot. Being in a community helps. So I'm happy you were able to come out of your shell and your comfort zone. Happy 2017 and cheers to more blogging adventures ahead!

  4. Good thing happen to me too.. because I'm more than handsome.. haha awesome btaw..haha Cheers to 2017!

  5. It was a pleasure to have you at CBC and Hibsters. In due time, you will have one of the most exclusive niches in the blogosphere. Keep rocking and keep blogging! ;)

  6. One of the things that I'm as well really thankful for is meeting you and being part of Cebu Blogging Community. I experienced so much fun and a lot of learning as well.

  7. Thank you for actively been a part of the community, Marica. To more adventures ahead of us!

  8. I share your sentiments too. Glad to meet you in this club. Hahaha (cbc is what i mean)

  9. I'm glad you're part of the community! Despite your busy schedule, you still manage to do some blogging! I hope you keep that fire in you and hope to see you around in more blogging adventures! :)

  10. May I ask? How did you go about your domain and web hosting? I want one for myself but am overwhelmed with it's expenses? Please enlighten :D