PLDT HOME: Making Stronger Connections

"When you are a woman, you have to be a daughter, a doctor, a wife and a mother" Those were the words that struck me the most when my Doctor in Surgery Clinics shared a piece of her self as a mother. She is a General Surgeon in one of the biggest hospitals in Cebu. We asked her if what is her specialty and she told us that she is still enjoying her motherhood. She wants to be hands on to her child despite of the heavy demands on being a doctor and being also in the academe because nothing is more better than a mother's touch. She is a super mom.

My mom is also a super mom because even though we are living in different cities, we still feel like we are together. That is because of technology. These days, smart gadgets and high-speed internet can aid the moms in controlling the family's safety, security and maintaining communication.

"Technology helps me become a better mom" 

Not only as Asia's Song bird and a TV host but also a mother to four-year-old Nathaniel James, also known as Nate, Mrs. Regine Velasquez-Alcasid is an example of a modern-day Filipino super mom who balances her career and the role of a family woman.

“Technology helps me become a better mom,” she revealed. “Specifically, I get a lot of help from PLDT HOME.” Regine, who is also an ambassador for the brand, added, “They have a suite of products and services that are designed to give moms like me peace of mind through the power of technology. So far, super helpful talaga siya for me especially when I have to be away for work.”


The leading Philippine telecom and digital services provider, PLDT HOME, brings you the products that will promote peace of mind among working moms - The Fam Cam and Smart Watch.

The Fam Cam is a home monitoring system which allows parents to check on their children remotely, and even communicate with them. The Smart Watch is a multi-functional gadget which kids can use to take photos, play music, and even record voice messages.

Nate Alcasid with his new favorite gadget, the Smart Watch from PLDT HOME

Through this any mom or even a dad can easily talk to their child through Smart Watch because he/she can directly answer calls using the watch when it is connected to their Telped or even to their smart phone. What's more interesting about this is that it can be used as a  WiFi remote for the Telpad or smart phone camera for some gorgeous family selfies wherever they go.


The PLDT's Smart Watch is not just your ordinary watch that can multi-function as a mobile phone or a camera. It has a built-in anti-lost feature which is really a big plus for the super moms with little children who loves to walk around and explore.

Any child with the Smart Watch come to the rescue using the anti-lost feature. He will just have to press on a button in order for the connected device to make a sound that he/she is lost. It will also vibrate if the child goes beyond 10 meters away from the paired device.  This will help the child to be aware of his surroundings and remind him to go back to his/her parents.


Of course it is a big yay not only for those doctor-slash-super moms like our General Surgeon preceptor and my mom but also for those fathers who wants to keep in touch with their young ones and everyone in the house. You can have fun using the Fam Cam and Smart Watch and at the same time your family's safety and security is on your good hands.

Nate as the new ambassador for the Smart Watch

Just like his mom, Nate was recently launched as the new ambassador for the Smart Watch. PLDT VP and Home Marketing Director Gary Dujali said that Nate represents the kids of his generation - the perennially curious, smart and dynamic. Together with Mrs. Regine-Velasquez and Nate, the PLDT HOME is looking forward in reaching to more families and educating them about the ways technology can help bring them closer.

The family that communicates with each other, stays together.

Just like other relationships, communication is the key for a better bond and the Alcasid family is a living proof on how the technology has bring their family closer, safer and easier with PLDT HOME.
PLDT HOME subscribers who upgrade to a Telpad plan automatically get a free 1Mbps HOME DSL speed boost, and for only an additional P199 per month, they can already top up with a Smart Watch. The watch is also available to existing Telpad subscribers. Simply order online and it will be delivered for free. For more information, visit 

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