What's up Medical School? Junior Clerkship.

It is almost two months since Junior Clerkship started and my body feels like it's two years of no holiday and break situation. I have been studying, going to clinics and back studying without a luxurious sleep. Weekends are supposed to be your free days from reality but on this phase, it is the opportunity to study well on the incoming wave of exams.

The picture above is our affiliated hospital, where most of the people I know are looking forward to work here in the future. Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center used to be known as the Southern Islands Hospital but it was renamed in honor to Senator Vicente Sotto. I think this is one of the largest government hospital in the Philippines or maybe in Visayas. Not really sure. Anyway, this is going to be my training hospital for a couple of years (if God permits that I will be a Senior Clerk next year). I have experienced rotating in a government hospital as a MedTech intern back in college but this one is different. This time I am a "Doctor in training". That is how some of our consultants introduce us to our patients. Yay! And it is really hard in my part since I am not a people person. I was taught by my parents about not talking to strangers and I am afraid that I have carried it out through my adolescence and so on. 

Apologies for not having quality photos because I am too stubborn to work up on something perfect in my blog. As much as I want to take "blogger photos", I don't have the time to plan out for everything. So, here is our first rotation of OB-GYNE clinics in VSMMC. We were tasked to observe Hysterectomy in the Operating Room.

Moving on, we also have Pediatric clinics and I remember dreaming about becoming Pediatrician. My childhood has been a sickly one. I have been in and out from the hospital due to upper respiratory tract infection, asthma, allergies and etcetera. I have a poor immune system and my bestfriend that time was my Pediatrician. I think I stopped seeing her when I turned 20 years old because I am not in her scope anymore. But then, Pathology came in my life and I am more interested in this field. Well, we still don't what the future holds. 

First day.

Look at are our joyful smiles in this picture. Can you see how excited we are for Junior Clerkship? Ha. We still do manage to bring out our best smiles in this first quarter of school year but our sleepy eyes can't deny how much we long for sleep and exam free days. MedSchool it is!

By the way, we already have wash day during Wednesdays and we are obliged to wear our Type B uniform. 

More more group pictures.

This was taken yesterday after announcing that we don't have Neuro and IM shifting exams for Wednesday or today rather. See our best smiles? But take note at our eyebags. Hehe. 

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