Before I went home for a vacation, I attended a tuli operation which was held in our campus. Last December, I went for a tuli workshop where we practiced in a chicken drumstick. It was my first time to do this and I have no background in any surgical operation because I am a Medical Technologist. Unlike my classmates who are nurses, they already know the protocol.

I have a lot of firsts during the operation. It was my first time to administer anesthesia. It was my first time to suture real human skin. It was my first time get hold of a penis of a child. It was my first to interact to a patient for a long time.

The incision was fine but the suturing was pretty hard. My hand and brain doesn't cooperate with each other. I am poor on coordination that is why maybe I will never get to be a surgeon. I remember when I volunteered to try the laparotomy in a small box, it took me more than 30 seconds to transfer one paper to another.

Since there were only eight kids who went to the tuli operation, I have my partner with me to continue the suturing. He is a first year student and I believe he is a nurse. 

I was a little bit nervous while doing the operation but thank good Lord for giving me supportive friends who are nurses to guide me along the way. 

It was a successful one. There are still many operation to be done within the summer but unfortunately I have to go home. Anyway, it was a fun and wonderful experience for me and as for the first timer.

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  1. Wonderful experience for a young woman! I hope you got the boys name and understand that you helped him thru an important stage of his life. You must remember that you helped a boy become a man!!