First Heart's Day together

 I remember that these last two years we didn't celebrate Valentine's Day together. We only had skype dinner last year and a post-valentine's dinner because I went home for our monthsary. But this year was a memorable one because we are together on the 14th. Well, thank you so much for the effort babbsy!

We had a sumptuous buffet meal in Yakimix and it's been awhile we haven't gone for a buffet. The last buffet we had was during our first year anniversary in Parklane. For this restaurant, I am giving it an 8 out of 10 because their desserts were not enough to give a finishing sweets for us.

We went to the famous Cebu Seaside which is new in the city. We watched "Deadpool" and it was really a hilarious action-love-story movie of the year. No wonder why people were so hype with this movie.

We also visited the Pedro Calungsod Church which is seated beside SM Seaside. 

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