09-2015: MHAM Student's Night 2015

The institution didn't hold an acquaintance party but a student's night rather. I can't remember the exact date since this post is long overdue. (see: reason) The event was held at JCenter Mall, Mandaue and our theme was somewhat like black and white. Oh forgive my memory for it forgets what it should forget. Ha.

But of course, a photo of the trio should not be forgotten. Not really fond of going to such events but these two are the main reason why I am still present up to this year. Haha. 

This is the great Doctor Alera, who happen to be one of my favorite doctors in medschool. Aside from being a great pathologist, he also imparts his words of philosophy about being a medstudent and also in life. He said that who ever takes a photo with him shall pass the board exam. So here we are in a one picture. Insha Allah!

Together with Yasmin and thekarlossabal.

These are my classmates and we are all coming from section A. It is a miracle that our Alliance brothers were present during the student's night.

Team Illustre 2018.

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