"Nobody likes you when you're 23" 2

One thing that made my 23rd birthday special is that my boyfriend came over to spend the day with me. He traveled all the way to Cebu from Bais just to be with me despite the bumpy ride we had the past few days. He never fails to give me the feeling of butterflies inside my stomach whenever he hold a bouquet of roses.

Roses and two boxes. One is from my boyfriend and the other one is from his mother. Awe <3

He cooked me with his specialty chicken adobo. This made me fall harder for him. :) An engineer, a chef, a loving boyfriend? what could I ask more.

Well, I know this post is really late and I already have told my message to you babsy (read: lucky to have you babs) , thank you for this day, thank you for coming over and thank you for staying. I love you so much babsyy.

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