07-18-15: "Nobody likes you when you're 23"

So, my Medicine life has consumed 90% of my social life and I can't find the perfect time to make a throwback dump during my vacant time. But because it is Christmas break and I really want to pin up my favorite memories of my 2015, I am slowly rummaging through my files and post them one by one as I can.

This year I turned 23 last July 18. I can't believe that I am getting older each year. I guess my soul is still trap inside a 14 year old body. Here I am holding the lovely cake given by my Muslim friends. I was so in love with the chocolate truffle balls that I got a little bit teary eyed when two of my classmates ate some of it. 

I treated the gang in my favorite restaurant Cafe Saree. They were all Muslims, so we had lamb and beef for dinner. It was really delicious just like the first time my taste buds got hold of it. These friends of mine were my main since first year and also the same people I celebrated with last year.

That is Neneth, Yasmin, Karlos and yours truly. :)

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