Mini-Vacay 2 of 2: #wheninduma x Lowland Beach Resort.

What I miss about Dumaguete is its pollution-free roads, less traffic jams, pedicabs and motorcycles you can see around the city. It is way way different from the big Cebu and I would always find comfort in this city. It is always a home for me. I only had limited time to stroll because of the short stay and boyfriend didn't bring his motorcycle during his visit.

Boyfriend helped me finish my Anatomy worksheet which is due this friday and thank God for his artistic hands because we were able to finish everything within three hours. We have to draw the special senses while I have to answer the side questions of the sheet. We met up in our all time favorite coffeeshop, Bo's Coffeeshop.

And before I went back to Cebu, we had one last family outing at Lowland Beach Resort. We had grilled fish, chicken and pork.

It was a great mini-vacation for me and I am hoping for more getaway summer after I finish all my exams.

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