Something New. And it is "Prima".

Hold and behold my newest phone, Prima. Yes, I am naming her as Prima because it is the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. I bet you already know about my unfortunate happening last month during Sinulog. So I decided to save my ass up for a new phone. At first, I decided to buy same model as my previous phone or those that were the same in my Plan 600 in Sun Cellular but then I stood up by the saying that better things shall come in replace.

So, I searched for better phones that is within my budget which is 10,000 because beyond that is way too impractical. I have to replace my phone as soon as possible to fill up the guilt feeling I have inside. I was able to raise the amount with a little help from my parents and boyfriend. I am still a student and I can't buckle up that kind amount from my own allowance. I needed help.

So yes, here is Prima. I bought this in a gadget store named POS Enterprises in Robinsons Dumaguete. This came with a bluetooth earphone (which is now with my boyfriend) and a 2600mAh capacity powerbank as their freebies plus a 600mb Data from Globe within the box.

Why did I chose Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime?

  • It is withing my budget. I costs 9,990php.
  • It's primary camera is 8mp and secondary camera is 5mp. This was launched in the market together with Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy A series.
  • Again, 5mp front camera that is why it is coined as "Best in Selfie" phone.
  • It not too big for a tablet and not too small for a phone.
  • It is an Android phone (though I am still an pro-iOS) and it let me connect to other android phone athrough bluetooth or wifi direct even though they are not Samsung. I really need this in school for file sharing.
  • Features are almost A series. As far as I have remembered, they differ in Camera, casing material, memorry and processor. Not really sure about processor.
  • It is Duos. I need to sim cards in one phone for my Sun plan and my TM number (cheap unlimited text promos!)
Well, there are so much more but these are the top reasons I have in my mind. What I don't like about it is that its camera is not auto-focus. I could barely do a macro shot in this. iPhone is much better than this.

Well, you can view more the full specifications in here:  [Samsung Galaxy Prime full specs]

Here is my 2-week old phone, Alacatel PopC9. After the incident, I directly went to NTC to have this phone blocked. It was the immediate advice I got in the internet aside from calling my network provider regarding the disconnection of my plan. Well, Prima is better than this.

Up to know I am still dumbfounded about my Prima. I never thought I could save for a phone. I am not really a thrifty person and a good piggy bank saver. =)

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