2|21|15: Happy Post-Valentines/Pre-Anniversary Day =)

Last Saturday, I rode a bus at around 2:30 in an unholy mornight going to Liloan and took a fastcraft going to the Negros island. "I can't miss this day without seeing my bae.", I told myself. Every 21 of the month is a special day for us to celebrate monthsaries but this one is somewhat different because it is a pre-anniversary day because next month will be our anniversary. 

Anyway, we met around 7 in the evening at my place and to my surprise, he bought me flowers. Roses are always my favorite (and sunflowers too!) It's been a month we haven seen each other and I really miss him. How I wish I could take him back to Cebu.


On this day, I also bought my new phone after how many weeks of sacrifice in order to have Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. Of course, my mother and boyfriend helped me raise the right amount for the phone. These are some of the photos that was captured using the front camera of my phone. I'm glad that I made the right choice for this.

And some of our mushy pictures together. I miss you so much babs.

This is boyfriend's food plate during dinner and I admit it was indeed delicious. I ordered one whole meal of burger because I was really craving for their juicy patty. Oh by the way, the restaurant's name is Flaming Grill!

After dinner, we went to Hayahay and had one bottle of beer to wrap up the night.

To my ever dearest babsy,

Always remember that I love you so much. I love you no matter how many times we argue and how many times we make up. Nothing changes baby, I love you and will love you everyday.

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