To my main man, bestfriend and my lover:

I don't know if you stalk my online journal or not but if you do then I could say.. "stalker!" Haha. I really don't want to post lengthy messages in facebook because half of the people won't care, a percent would feel the love and maybe a little percent might snatch you from me. I am so selfish when it comes to you, babs.

I really miss you babsy. I miss everything about us and it makes me sad that I can't be with you during the special events of our relationship, like the monthsary. That won't be the first time because there will be a lot of monthsaries that we won't spend it together because of our recent situation. Ugh. Distance sucks but let's not make our relationship sucks.

Anyway, thank you for everything. I can't stop thanking you because you have no idea how you made me happy. I am sorry for disappointing you ad hurting you. Babbbssssyyyyy, I'm sorry. =( I'm sorry for the PMS and all the bitching I can do.

I love you so much babs. I am looking forward on the day that we can spend our infinity together. I can't wait to live with you and have those little kids run around our future house. But.. before that, we still have to travel around the country and around the world! Traveling with you is such a great feeling because I feel safe with you babs. I know you'll take care of me :-*

This won't be the last time I will make an online letter for you in my blog. Because I will write for you and for our love. Again, I love you so much babs. :*

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