major catching up x massive photodump

Since I am too lazy to start my ass working on my school priorities, I decided to do a major catching up with matching massive photodump from my facebook uploads (because there are no more insta upload).

October 11, 2014. So let me start on the day when I can finally call these boys in the picture as Engineers. Yes, you read it right. Congratulations to my District 11 and his classmates because they passed the Mechanical Engineer Licensure Exam. 

The counterpart of the celebration as becoming a legit engineer is that it marks as the beginning of our long distance relationship. If you're a reader in my blog, I am currently studying in Cebu while this boy is living in Bais City. So we are miles away from each other. We have to travel approximately of five hours just to see each other.

Selfies before examination.

Alliance ft Maria Leonora Teresa. Just so you know, we have a facebook group with these guys in the picture. I forgot how we became close with each other. Well maybe it is because we copy worksheets and quizzes from each other? We call these guys as our brothers and it was great to have them in our group, Maria Leonora Teresa sisters. By the way, this was during Vic's birthday libre before our sembreak started.

Sembreak 2014. My sembreak wasn't exciting as others and I only met few people I've known in Dumaguete City. Insert, Alyssa in the picture. Honestly, I felt awkward meeting old friends after I spent my MedSchool in Cebu. I had a hard time talking and catching but the korniness in the group was still there.

Family time. During sembreak, I had a quality time with my family. We celebrated my parents 23rd Anniversary as husband and wife and I treated my sister in her favorite restaurant, Gabby's Bistro.

When I went home to Dumaguete, District 11 surprised me with my favorite pink roses. He never fails to make me feel special and give shivers down to my spine because of the kiligness.

Of course, we also had a quality time together while I was at home.

And as a sembreak ender, we had pizza at my favorite pizza place, Pizza republic. Thank you Yas for accompanying me during my enrollment. =)

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