Long Distance Relationship.

I have been into a long distance relationship before and it was the unusual one because we never met in person. However, we lasted for almost a couple of years through phone calls, messages and little surprises for each other. It ended because things went the wrong way which involved third parties, misunderstandings and lose of faith to each other. 

But this one is different. Though we are just 5 hours away from each other, it is still hard to maintain that kind of strength of communication we used to have. We were used to see each other after classes, go on frequent dinner dates and spend time with each other with warm cuddles, holding hands and stolen kisses. This time is really hard because he has work everyday from 8 in the morning up to 5 in the afternoon while I have Med School. Juggling my studies and relationship is really risky but I can take control of it because all I have to do is manage my time and subtract procrastination. Because of all of these, we only have night time to talk with each other and do the skype date which is really said makes my "missing-you syndrome" worst.

"We are so close yet so far."

It's only 5 hours away. It's not countries apart and different timezone. We're still [quite] close with each other yet the distance, the space between us make is far. It saddens me during the time when I have a bad day and all I want is too see my other half. It makes me feel lonely every time I walk down the street to grab some food and then I suddenly I see couples holding hands while crossing the street. The worst thing is that when the we have this misunderstanding or the so-called lovers quarrel but I can't do anything because I am on the other side of the line. I can't go directly to where he is right now and hug him tight just to make things at ease. Again, it is really hard.

But then this is a big challenge for us.

Like what they said, love, trust and faithfulness is being tested in here. I can be a pessimist for a lot of time but on this other half of my post, I will be somewhat an optimist. You know what, in the relationship I am the black part of the yinyang while my other half is the white one. He is always the one who shows up the positive side. :) Okay, moving on, long distance relationship can somehow strengthen one's bond to each other. We all do have different kind of love story but maybe God has put us in this situation in preparation for our future. It is unpredictable but LDR can be a strong foundation for us in times of more challenging tasks in our journey. I hope and I really pray that we can make it through.

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