09|21|14: 6th Hunger Games x Happy Birthday, District 11.

Before anything else, this is a very late update of what has been happening in my life. I have been such an impulsive earthling these past few days. One craziest thing I have ever done was deleting my instagram. I know, I know, it was crazy because the hashtag #dayswithdistrict11 from my posts were all gone. The main reason was I wanted to detach from social network or anything that involved technology because it made me more depressed and a psychological bitch.

Moving on, let me put this in my shameless blog about out 6th monthsary and the birthday of my beloved, District 11. I was very happy that we have reached half of the year in our relationship. For me, it was really unbelievable because after how many unstable flings and relationships I had, I have finally settled on someone worthy.

We were with my mother during this day. We ate in Gerry's Grill before my mother left for Dumaguete. Surprisingly, District 11 gave me roses and still, I had the butterfly-ish feeling when I got hold of the bouquet. We had coffee and cheesecake after lunch and that was the time I handed him my present. I was glad that he like the Picture frame with a twist. It was with a twist because when he opened the box, it was a blank picture frame. I had instructions on how he is going to put the pictures in the frame. I also had him another present which made him happier.

And yes, don't believe a girl who says she doesn't like receiving flowers because every girl wanted to feel like a princess. Thank you District 11 for treating me like one. <3

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