The things that we love, destroy us.

I am really having a hard phase in my life right now because of my stupid mistake. I've never been good in anything, not even in my goddamn relationship. With my one stupid mistake, I have ruined everything. I have ruined the future. The trust. The love. I have ruined it and I can't fix it anymore because it remained broken.

It was never really my intention to cheat on something. I was caught in the middle doing things which I'm afraid to tell so. There are times I want to leave this place. There are times I want to stop it. I wanted to be selfish and not to think about how other people feel.

But no, I love this person so much to the extent that it is already destroying me. I have lowered my pride, broken my principles and gave myself and my whole heart. It's just so sad that I can't do anything to make everything back to normal.

I wanted to be normal but I guess it won't happen ever again. I am so tired of crying and regretting the things that I have done. I wish I never existed.

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