What's up Medical School?

Here is a rewarding picture of me and my classmate, Karl on our first day of wearing our uniform. It really feels rewarding after how many months of struggle and mind-depressing rejections from other Medical schools. If you read my previous posts tagged as #personal, then you would understand why this is a big "whew" of rewarding feeling.

I will be spending my life (in God's will, Insha Allah) for the next four years in Cebu because I am currently studying in SWU-Matias H. Aznar Memorial College of Medicine. It was quite a risky move for me knowing that the school has undergone a controversial family feud which made it split from South Western University.

Moving on, my first day of class went pretty well. I made friends with few people while some just shrugged their shoulders off me. I don't know if they were snob or just plainly shy. So these are my classmates and this is out first picture together. On the first months of school, we used to eat our brunch at Brunch Desserts which is located few meters from school. My classmates on the photo are Muslims, and I am the only Catholic in the group. That means, I am the only one who orders meat.

Though we just knew each other, I initiated little birthday surprise for Neneth (the girl with balloons) though their religion doesn't really give importance on birthday celebrations. It was a fun fun night and delicious food added to the word fun!

Brunch Desserts was making our wallets empty so we decided to try the other restaurant in the area. Eatiology! Until now, we spend our brunch/lunch in the said place while finishing our homework or reviewing for the next exam.

I guess it is our school who held the a late acquaintance party from the other Medical schools in the city. Neh. Classes started on late June, so it was understandable. Anyway, this is my winning entry in #mhamfiesta2014 in instagram. I didn't expect to win but I was really happy because it was my first time to win an online contest. 

Some of the photos I had during the party. As you can see, most of my friends are dudes because they are seated at our back during classes. That is why we became close to each other eventually. One in the picture is a MedTech. *fistbump*

The last event we had in school was the MHAM days. It was a celebration for the founder of the institution, Matias H. Aznar. Moreover, it was also a three-day intramurals for whole and I became a chess player shotgun. 

This is a quick recap that happened to me all through my days in Medical School. I don't want to mark the stress grieving examinations and the struggle because it is really depressing. Well, it's been awhile since I've updated something like this in this blog. Ciao!

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