You were young. You were vulnerable. You were innocent. You were curious.

At this point, you are slowly accepting the things you've regret doing. You are trying to forgive yourself for not being cautious about anything. You knew what is right from wrong yet you still did it. You were put into pressure and you were just trying to reciprocate the goodness the world has given you. I know that you are now broken, helpless and feeling worthless.

I know it is hard to move on but someday, you will. You will be matured enough to tell yourself that you are somehow stronger from yesterday. You will be able to accept your past. 

Future self, i am sorry if I haven't stayed true to my convictions. I am sorry if I gave up easily. I am sorry if I did it. I am sorry if I wasn't headstrong to my principles. I am sorry if i forgot to love you first before anyone else. Be strong. Be still. God's loves you.

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