I'm on my 20-something where everything is served in buffet and it is up to me which course do I want on my plate. Everything is set in front the table and this kind of freedom I have right now isn't the freedom that everybody would want.

This stage is going to predict my future and it scares me a lot because you can't foresee yourself on who you are going to be ten years from now. The people I meet today may leave tomorrow and those people from yesterday may come back on the other day. Heartaches and goodbyes are inevitable and it scares me that the people who matter to me right now are not the one I will be with in the future. I don't know if the road I am taking is going to be the same road I will have in the end. I really don't know if I am going to be happy and contented or I might die on the bed of regrets and what-ifs. There are so many things I am not looking forward in the future.

The future is confusing.

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