that girl

One day, you’ll meet a girl who’s carefree and bubbly. You may meet her along the way, inside the bar, during your class days or probably in a social network. You’ll first notice the way she smiles and the way her eyes reflect the beauty of universe. You’ll try to get her name, her number and try to know more about her. You’ll be awed on how she talks because you never expected that she’s a deep thinker. Despite her happy-go-lucky aura, you’ll eventually see the brokenness behind her smile.

So you’ll take her on dates, movies, coffee or long walks for long conversations because you’ll be attached to her no matter how you wanted to stop thinking about her. You’ll surprise her with flowers, coffee and books that she likes. You’ll going to assume that she is your soul mate because everything about her solves your puzzle.

But as days, months and years go by, she gets weary and lonely. Even though you’re always there for her, she’ll eventually disappear like nothing happened. No goodbyes or even farewell gestures. You’ll be confused on why she left without a word. You’ll see her with another guy who’s more likely your opposite and you’ll start to wonder. 

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