How Men Feel These Days

I am not an expert but as I have observed, they feel unappreciated and probably a bit sad because of the young adult movies and books that are being showcased in the industry. Most especially that the high-grossing movie adaptation of The Fault In Our Stars has put up high standards to women these days. I just read a tweet saying that every girl deserves an Agustus Waters. Well, the fictional character Agustus Waters doesn’t only fit in this issue but also Mister Darcy, Edward Cullen or even Mister Grey. Any fictional character that they read in books become a reference for a woman in their soon-to-be love story or even to their current love story.

It is good that girls, ladies, women put a standard in our life in order to guard our heart. No one likes to spray a cheap perfume on their body. But sometimes, we have to come to realize that we aren’t fictional characters hoping for a fictional leading man in our lives. We are living in a reality with full of imperfections and chaos. Don’t let any romance novel dictate on how your destiny should be because we are the hero in our own story.

Men these days want to be visible in your eyes. They are still humans and they also get hurt because of what you unconsciously do to them. They may have this strong physique and manly gestures but deep inside them is a little boy who seeks for attention and comfort. They want you to see them on who they really are. 

For those who are already in a relationship, appreciate your man. Communicate to them and connect to their inner heart because this is your own love story. You both don’t have cancer and trying to make a bigger infinity than the other couples. Surprise him in your little way and love him.

For those who are single, well go on. Dream on your fictional character and pray for your partner. Seek ye’ first the kingdom of God and He will lead you the way.

For those who have suitors, don’t expect much on them. Lower a bit your fences so that you would be able to know them very well. Always remember that every person is unique, so you got to appreciate them on the way they are.

And for the boys and men out there, don’t just sit there and give an applause on this post because you also have to push a little harder. If you know that your girl is so much in love with the fictional characters, why don’t surprise them with a line from their favourite books or movies. Like when you say, “okay” and she replies “okay” then you’ve got to tell her, “OMG, stop flirting with me!” But more likely, you’ve got to be yourself in a most romantic way.

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