March 2014: Catching up on Wednesdays.

I'm too stubborn to do a regular update on weekly basis in this blog but before my laziness further kicks in, here is a shameless selfie with my sister's flower crown which she bought online. The month of March was definitely a month to remember because so many good things happened.

On the first week of the month, I was appointed to substitute in an English school because someone is absent for a couple of days. And then it happened that after the session, my dear District 11 fetched me and surprised me with a rose and with this huge chocolate. Well, that was a highlight because I didn't expect that he would add a rose from my request of a chocolate.

There was a mini-reunion of Dumaguete-Bohol interns during Stephanie's Lola and Aunt's birthday celebration in their place. We were almost complete during that night. We never changed. We were still that loud group of kids who can talk gazillion of sizzling not-boring topics.

Finally had the chance to take a photo of this.. uhmm.. what do you call this one? Haha. I've been rooting to have a picture of this because it is really beautiful and amazing. It also speaks how I feel about this city.

I joined a Sunday service in Victory and it's been awhile I haven't gone in an event like this because I am a Roman Catholic. Nevertheless, participating in a non-Catholic Sunday service won't make me less in what religion I am now. It is just I am versatile in these kind of things most especially that it involves praise and worship. I learned a lot of things during the talk and how I wish I could go on through the series again. The service was held in Spanish Heritage and I saw a lot of familiar people and some friends I personally know.

March 21, 2014, 10:06PM is a night to remember and opened a new gate of another journey and mysteries. Well, yeah, I had a not-so-formal date with District 11 and so on.

On the same night, I went to a foam party but not really danced drunk and #getsoaked. I had a Cali and was un-purposely got wet with their strong bubble machine. 

March is also the "marching" month for the graduate students and yes, I went to a graduation ceremony because of District 11. He graduated with a degree title of BS Mechanical Engineering. Cool. On the same night, I also met his parents and it was quite a nerve-wracking situation I had in there. I am not use with meetings like this most especially when parents are the one to be greeted on. However, it was great having them and knowing his family.

I was eyeing on Keds shoes lately and I even tweeted about buying one but then District 11 surprised me on an ordinary day. Well, it's not really the ordinary ordinary because whenever we go out together, it is already extra-ordinary. Forgive me for that mushy line. So yes, he gave me these. I was overwhelmed and sort-of speechless. Knowing that I am a massive talker, I can't be technically speechless with my life. Again, if you are stalking me District 11, thank you for these!

On the last week of the month, I have a little getaway from the city. Went up to the mountain and explored (a little bit) the beauty of nature. Ahh. Cold water and green trees. Perfect way to greet Summer.

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