He was next to your body, lying selflessly. You held his face, right on the cornner of his jaw and looked at him reluctantly. You traced the outline of his lips and pressed yours in the most subtle way of perfection.

"I love you." he said.

You looked away and hid under his chin and gave that silent hug. You don't know if it is real but you embraced the night with your soul outside the casket. You chose to be out of yourself and seize the moment.

You were so tired from a long day yet you don't want to sleep because you know that when you wake up, the sun shall pierce its rays on your cheeks reminding you that it is time to say goodbye.  You and him beside each other with fingers intertwined was already enough for you to feel like infinite. You don't want to fuck like in the movies. Just cuddle and get a bit of tangled. You just want to feel the moment of the danger of the innocence.

"i love you." he whispered.

But still, you weren't saying in return. You just closed your eyes and smiled.

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