"did you remember the day when we wrote a poem together?"

"It was a fine sunny day and we were having our favorite cold flavored tea. You told me how you were so mich in love with handwritten poems and short stories. You even told me that you want to write a novel before you die."

She just looked at me with flooded eyes.

"I asked a piece of paper from a stranger and borrowed a pen. I started the first line and you continued on the second line and finished it together with our ambitious screen names. And then we pinned it hoping that no one would ever remove it."

I was just holding her shivering hands so tight while I was talking to her. 

"Always remember that on the day that I told you I will always be here for you, I started living on it up to now. See. I am still here."

You finally smiled and a tear traveled down from the corner of your eyes to your cheeks that I've been always wanting to kiss.

"I don't know if I can still live it up until tomorrow, on the next following days or forever."

You just looked at me and held back my hands in a tight grip. I know that there is something you want to tell me but you can't. I know what it is. I have read it in your eyes. 

"I am sorry if I am breaking my promise but I have to let go."

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