I was currently caught up with this hour's trending hashtag #100ThingsToDoBeforeIDie in twitters. Instead of flooding the timeline with my 100 things, I decided to jot them down here. I can't say that these things are going to be the same on the next years of my life but these are the things that I have at the back of my mind. These aren't in particular order but I have to mark the numbers to keep me in track of the hundred things.

  1. Go to a Music and Arts Festival.
  2. Learn how to speak a foreign language fluently.
  3. Go to Disneyland.
  4. Travel alone.
  5. Mountain climbing.
  6. Ride a horse ad an elephant.
  7. Kiss under the rain with the one you love.
  8. Be a doctor.
  9. Publish a book.
  10. Tour in Europe.
  11. Go to Japan and have a picture with the cherry blossoms.
  12. Marry the one I love.
  13. Have three kids.
  14. Make love after marriage.
  15. Watch a live tennis tournament with the famous players.
  16. Watch NBA live.
  17. Eat all the burger menus in McDonalds.
  18. Try mary jane.
  19. Submit a painting/drawing in an exhibit.
  20. Offer a scholarship to a needy.
  21. Have my own foundation for the unfortunate children.
  22. Become a preacher.
  23. Have my own mansion.
  24. Have my parents their own mansion.
  25. Able to give free medical service to the needy.
  26. Able to give free medical service to my relatives.
  27. Inspire people most especially the teens.
  28. Try the longest zipline.
  29. Go to Hongkong and other countries.
  30. Watch all John Hughes' films over and over again.
  31. Able to have my own restaurant.
  32. Able to have my own hotel/suites inn.
  33. Make my parents (father) proud of me.
  34. Send my kids to a prestigious school.
  35. Give a decent burial to my parents and grandparents.
  36. Love my husband with all my heart.
  37. Be a good wife.
  38. Able to stand by my principles in life.
  39. Accept the fact that love hurts.
  40. Spread the word of God.
  41. Give love to my grandchildren abundantly.
  42. Hold the hands of my husband even though he doesn't remember me anymore because he is already old. Hoho.
  43. Compliment an insecure person and make him feel secure.
  44. Learn how to do martial arts.
  45. Write an article in a famous online magazine.
  46. Own a flowershop.
  47. Say sorry to those people I hurt.
  48. Befriend with an enemy (if I have)
  49. Go to a huge carnival.
  50. Become a Clinical Pathologist.
  51. Or an Endocrinologist.
  52. Send flowers to the girls/woman close to my heart.
  53. Surprise a friend in an ordinary day.
  54. Meet one of the famous authors.
  55. Write poems and short stories.
  56. Able to supply the needs of my relatives
  57. Send my sister to a prestigious college.
  58. Prepare something romantic for the one I love.
  59. Learn how to swim (?) lol.
  60. Learn how to drive.
  61. Able to have a bad ass car.
  62. Roadtrip.
  63. Have a good view of city lights in different cities.
  64. Go to New York.
  65. Have my own resort.
  66. Watch a live opera.
  67. Go to Paris.
  68. Cliff diving.
  69. Sky diving.
  70. Cook something special.
  71. Have a huge collection of teddy bears.
  72. Have a museum of my collections.
  73. Go to a beautiful beach resort.
  74. Ride a hot air balloon.
  75. Drink the best tea in world.
  76. Have a booze under the stars.
  77. Watch a live soccer game. (famous soccer game)
  78. Talk to a stranger without telling each other's name.
  79. Master the piano.
  80. Sleep at the back of a pick up.
  81. Movie date outdoors.
  82. Finish a 1000 piece puzzle and have it framed!
  83. Learn to love something I hate.
  84. Learn from my past mistakes.
  85. Sing well. Haha.
  86. Have a simple yet elegant wedding. Theme garden wedding.
  87.  Bring my parents to a place somewhere beautiful.
  88. Support a charity.
  89. Support a golden age home.
  90. Experience the longest zipline in the world.
  91. Reconnect with old friends and treat them!
  92. Fund a grand reunion for relatives.
  93. Capture everything nice and put them on the wall.
  94. Have a pet cat that is very fluffy.
  95. Offer flowers to Mama Mary always.
  96. Read all the inspiring books.
  97. Have a collaboration in writing with a friend.
  98. Able to fight with all hard circumstances in life.
  99. Reconcile with God.
  100. Die in a peaceful way.
I tried my best not to scan through the tweets of other people so that my list won't be influenced by them. And I successfully did! I am still 21 years old and some of these might change or deleted because there are still so many things I have to experience in life. I am willing to embrace everything with open hearts whatever happening will come to me. Philippians 4:13, I can do everything with Christ who strengthens me.

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