I will wait for you.

This is going to be a long wait for the both of us where time and fate need to be in place. We're still in the stage where confusion and uncertainties are still to be figured out. I am not in a hurry or something because the universe is giving us enough time to focus on our dreams and priorities in life. If we have this strong feeling of being together then distance isn't a problem because no matter how we will go far with our lives, we are confident that we'll fall back on each other's arms at the right time.

Somehow, we have to let go of each other's hands for our wings to fly high and seek the world on what's best for us. And as we go on through our journey, we'll meet different dreamers who might deceive us with their charm. But don't worry, I will always choose you because with you, I will forever stay. 

Whoever, wherever you are right now, I will wait for you. And please wait for me too.

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