FEBRUARY 2014: Catching up on Mondays.

I have been very busy with my personal life these past few weeks and before this site rots waiting for an update, let me do a little catch up using some of my instagram photos (but I am sorry to tell you that there's no other pictures of other people you'll see in this post).

As you can see from the picture above, it was taken from one of the famous restaurants in the city, Gabby's Bistro. We celebrated my sister's 14th birthday last February 18 on that place and their food was the bomb! 

This month, I had my first online purchase and I was so happy about my first transaction with My Clementine Manila (follow them in IG: clementinemanila). I ordered a dress, H&M skirt and plaid polo but the pretty owner, Ms. Ariana added some little freebies with it. Ms. Ariana gave me a discount for the three items yet I insist to pay the right amount because it is my first purchase on this online store.

Went to Cebu last weekend and found this huge box of toblerone in Ayala. I was with Clariel that time.

Another memorable "firsts" that happened to me this month was flying alone from Bacolod to Cebu. It was my first time to do the booking, checkin and the paying of the terminal fee without the aid of my parents or from the older people inside the terminal. Though the travel time was less than an hour, I was glad that I was able to pull through this kind of experience all by myself.

So that's it people of the universe for my Catching up on Mondays. I am going to post some of these in details. :)

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