ORMOC 2013: This is a wedding of Sacrament and not a wedding of an event.

I have to skip work for a couple of days in order to accompany my grandmother and attend this lovely couple's wedding. It has been my Tita's dream to hold a wedding in the church because they only had a civil marriage 18 years ago. (I'm not really sure of the number of years.) They have already planned this for almost a year ago so there's no turning tables even though Yolanda happened. 

So this is us, Alyssa (her daughter), grandma, the bride and then me before the wedding happened. Well, it was just as simple wedding for them as long they closed their vows before the Lord.

This is a wedding of sacrament and not a wedding of an event. -Father (i forgot his name)
If you'll only know the whole story behind this simple wedding you would realize how can true love move mountains and seas. To think that this couple survived their married life for almost two decades with three children, then you could say that this love is the closest thing to magic.

 I know that the downside of the beauty is inevitable yet they still managed to put up these family together as one. My tito is working in Singapore so it would be very difficult for my tita to stay strong for this family without his man on his side. I remember when she told me that it is different if you're having load of problems in the house alone rather than with your husband. But thanks to the power of internet, they maintained their communication through video calls every night.

The reception was held in Ormoc's famous so-called five star hotle, Sabin Resort. The place was wonderful and refreshing but because of Yolanda, some of its parts are still under renovation.

And one thing I won't forget from that place is their fruit delicacy, Senyorita. It is a midget pineapple which is very sweet unlike other pineapples you encounter in some cities. You don't have to dip this with salt to neutralize the taste because the fruit alone is already perfect.

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