Last hoorahs of 2013.

So here are my insta-dumps photos from last year's last hoorahs. I was very busy to update my blog because we have a lot of itineraries for the remaining days. Moreover, my relatives where here during the New Year's break.

We spent our Christmas in Bacolod together with my relatives in my mother side. In the picture, you can see my mother and father, my sister, my cousin and the little one is my niece.

On December 25, we had a Christmas Party with the rest of the clan and these are my little nephews and niece. They were like my clique for the day because we always stay in the same place and they always play with me.
Seekers 2009 mini-reunion. On the 29th of December,we had this mini gathering with other highschool batchmates and to my surprise,we were almost 20 who went to the gathering. It was a blast and nostalgic to meet those you've never seen a long time.

I made a bacon-wrapped roasted chicken for New Year and it was very delicious. I am planning to make a sour cream flavor in the future.

And last but not the least, I won't ever forget my experience with these korean kids as an ESL teacer of FilKor. Awesome experience and friendship I have with them.

I won't be making a trip down the memory lane of 2013 because it was ultimately amazing for me with all the ups and downs I had. Some friends left, some of them stayed and some of them broke up with me or maybe forgotten. I thank the Lord for all the happenings and for making me to a stronger woman in this world.

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