As much as I wanted to call my self as an artist, I still have these little doubts that I have the potential to be one. Since I as a kid, I am already fond of doing art most especially painting and sketching. Because I need to have this outlet of showing off my works, I am starting with my first successful painting of my existence. I only used watercolor and a painting pad which my father bought for me. 

If you wonder how I get to have these kind of styles, well I got it from Speed painting videos. Believe it or not, I did this for less than 5 minutes because I am trying to catch up the strokes and the techniques in the video.

This one was my tribute to the Yolanda Victims in Tacloban. I also aspire to turn some of my painting into shirt prints. I want to have my own t-shirt line soon just like Artwork.

My first passion was really doing some sketches using a dermatograph pencil. I just browse some black and white photos in the net and try to go with the shadows and outlines.

I also tried using charcoal pencils as my medium.

And here are done using gel pens.

Whenever I got nothing to do or I got tired of studying (or whatever I am doing), I just grab my pen and notepad to sketch the stress out of me. It's my therapy because whenever I start to draw, it awakens the sleeping soul inside of me. It's an alternative of my caffeine at night.

I am hoping I could make more artworks in the future and share them here.

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