2014 New Year's Resolutions by Mika Pidor

I know new Year's resolutions are blunt but because I have this new planner, I am inspired to draw my resolutions and try to live with it.

Run. Though I haven't accomplished this yet on the first days of January due to the cold whether and busy schedule, I am still on the go of thinking about running. Running helps me a lot when it comes to breathing problems because I am an asthmatic person, exercise helps me cope up with it.

Be positive everyday. Sometimes, I become a NEGATRON unconsciously because I compare my self too much on other's achievements. Whenever I see someone getting ahead of me, my channels turns into a state of paranoia and a pail of what ifs. So, I have to remind myself that i should be positive everyday together with the principle of Law of Attraction.

Appreciate your own self. I am the type of person who has tons of insecurities to the extent that I feel so unappreciated, lonely and most especially ugly. As a change, I have to challenge my self to be contented and appreciate my own beauty. This is another way of being positive everyday.

Eat right. I have to do this! It's been months that I have been feeding my body with junk foods, fast foods and too much cholesterol. I have to drink more teas than coffee. I have to eat fruits and vegetables than red meats.

Read more. I have already a list of my 100 books to be read this year. However, I just have e-books. I am sorry dear authors.

Write. Who does not? Writing is a therapy and an outlet of my crazy imaginations.

Save. Since I am already a college graduate, I can't have a 100 baon everyday. I have to work my self out, earn money, be thrifty and save because we don't know, I might have unexpected out of town trips.

Make a bucket list. I already have some in my heart notebook. I am just putting this for a little inspiration of living and imagining my wants in the future.

One step at a time. A note to my self. Sometimes, I tend to be in a rush and forget the important things that I have to focus. Probably this is the reason why I don't get what I really wanted.

Travel more. Yes. This is a must. I am already 21 years old and I have to explore the world little by little.

Always pray and light a candle. Should I elaborate this one? A prayer and a candle is a great way to communicate with God and my way of praising Him.

Be more involved and be happy. Live life with Jesus. <3

The most important of this post is that I will continue to live my life with Jesus because after all, He is the one who maneuvers my life.

How about you? What are your resolutions? :)

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