Cebu 2013: PRC ID, Lights and Trees at SM Cebu

Before anything else, I would like to present to you shining and shimmering splendid PRC ID. I really don't know which to censor but I am making sure that not from the internet world can see my PRC face clearly because I regret having an awkward smile on any professional IDs.

Moving on, I am very fond of Christmas trees because we never had a huge Christmas tree. That is why I never missed a chance of having a picture of any Christmas Tree I see in SM. I really love the Christmas lights because they are like stars that you could pick it up at any time. On the other picture, that is my cousin, Irene. The cousin I mentioned on my last post about taking special classes in UP Cebu.

Teddy bears are always my favorite. If there's one thing I would trade my food with then that would be a teddy bear because it never fails me to feel happy and very comfortable on whatever uneasy feeling I have. So people of the universe, you now know what to give me as a present this Christmas. It is a huge teddy bear. haha :) Well, not really as big as the picture.

My mom was the one who told me to have a picture with these lanterns (not really sure what to call these) because they are really beautiful.

On the other side of SM, there was another huge Christmas tree standing and I fell in love with the lights.

And this is what they called a Village of Hope. I wasn't paying attention to the mister explaining the exhibit because I was already tired on that time. I just kept looking at the beautiful miniatures and yes, the Christmas Trees.

Unfortunately, it is still November and there is no Santa Claus I can see around the corner bringing candies for kids. The last time I witnessed Christmas decors in SM Cebu was when I was still a kid. Another reason of being so happy while I was in Cebu! Yey =)

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