Cebu 2013: Hello Kitty Festival in SM Cebu

While we were strolling inside SM, we were dumbfounded by the huge Hello Kitty stuff toys and cute HK displays. No words can explain how my mom and I love Hello Kitty. We even have a collection of few hello Kitty things.

I believe that I was a cat from my previous life and this is why I am so fond of cats. However, I don't have any as a pet because I am allergic to furry animals or let's just say, I am allergic to animals.

And yes, it was mom and I who were partners in crime in taking pictures with these Hello Kitty characters. My mom looks like Hello Kitty and her students even call her that way because of the look alike.

Hello Kitty Houses :)

How I wish I bought something for my self but these are way way too expensive for my budget in Cebu. With this Hello Kitty post, I am wrapping up my short stay in Cebu. I will be posting about NMAT tips when I receive my result somewhere in December. I hope I will have highscore or just enough to pass the MedSchool I will be applying. To God be Glory. Amen :)

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