With our foreigner friend, Benjamin.

Last October 14, Monday, I had a tutor session with my friend Jesse at my all time favorite The Bean Connection for my NMAT this coming November 24. I asked her to tutor me about highschool Math because my brain cells are stagnant when it comes to Math subject and Problem Solving.

We spent almost three hours studying Math and as we went by, we saw our old schoolmate Yeore, Jenile and Kaycee on the same coffeeshop. They were having a meet up together with our other schoolmates namely Alfie and Jonah. I think they were going to have dinner somewhere together. To my surprise, we met Benjamin on the same place. He had his laptop sold to a colleague because he was planning to buy a tablet on the same evening but we got hold of him.

We got hold of Benjamin because Jesse and I wanted him to be our driver for the evening since we will have a dinner at the Kurambos after the tutor session. Thank the universe that Benjamin said "yes" to our little favor. So we had a time to catch things up together with our foreigner friend Benjamin because we convinced him to pay for our dinner. Thank you very much Benjamin!

Next to Kurambos, we went to Le Chalet to have dessert. You know what, Benjamin is our former classmate back in highschool and up to now, he has the kindest heart above all. haha.

We had two large ice creams for our dessert at Le Chalet but this time, Jesse and I payed for it. I am sorry but I forgot the names of each ice cream but one thing for sure, these are delicious. Another catch up moment we had in the place but one third of the conversations were purely jokes, laughs and taking pictures together.

Like what I said, it was one third of foolishness and taking pictures. I am happy that Benjamin is still the Benjamin I've known since highschool -- they gay benjamin, go with the flow and most of all generous heart. Thank you for the time you've spent with us Benj! :) 'Till next time.

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