Thanksgiving Night with the Newly Regsitered Medical Technologists.

Last September 30, 2013, we had a Thanksgiving Dinner together with my fellow Registered Medical Technologists and former mentors at Bethel Hotel. It was a nostalgia seeing the faculty from the Medical Technology Department of Silliman University. Once again, I heard our beloved Dean, Mrs. Teddy Cubelo giving us her opening remarks. She never fails to amaze me with her short but witty words when she starts to talk.

Here is Jonah, Carl and Seth on the picture. Had a great company with them all through the night because we had a chill after party after the event. Great company comes with fun conversations even though it is already out of the topic.

 And yes, by the way, Jonah was my driver for the night. I would like to acknowledge her kindness for  allowing me to ride in her car right from the start of the event. I love you from the bottom of my heart!

Say hello to our one and only Med Girl, Alyssa Ejera. Everyone praises her because she took the board exam and at the same time, she is taking Medicine.

She gave a testimony about how God worked during her Board Exam experience.

I consider this girl as my bestfriend because I am very comfortable with her and she accepts me for who I am. I know I've hurt her many time because some of my jokes where not that really funny. She became my inspiration and my guardian angel during the Board Exam Review.

First row: Alyssa, Jonah, Christine and Liannica (sorry yan for this) Second row: Stanley, Seth

 With Mommy Joynmyrn.
 Joynmyrn and Jonah.

 With Seth and Sam Pinto, I mean Donabella. If it wasn't with Sam Pinto then the even won't be this successful. Her patience and good skills are the combination of the night's success. I know you worked hard for this my friend, so you deserve a gift or a surprise.

With Ken and of course, my forever crush, Keezel Nell.

It's great to see and bond with my colleagues because we don't know that this night would be the last night for us to see each other. Some will go back to their hometowns, some will work from afar and some will find the dreams. I am so happy that I become a part of this MedTech family because without them, I won't be who I am right now. To God be glory! Once again, congratulations.

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