Catching up with friends. Chos. Eat out.

Last night was a night of catching up with each other since it's been awhile we haven't spent a time to bond with each other. I was with Jesse, Alyssa, Jonah, Jonah's cousin and Carl and everything came into package with the word fun.

At around seven in the evening, Jesse, Alyssa and I decided to meet at One Bethany Restaurant to have a dinner together. However, Alyssa arrived few minutes later because she had her beauty rest right after her Research Defense in Med School. She said that she'll just have some dessert because she had  eaten a lot during their defense. Jesse just came from her tutor session and thank the universe, she had a spare time with us.

We had Sinuglaw, Tagalog Bistek, Buko Halo Halo and Leche flan on that night. We stayed in the restaurant for almost two hours just eating, laughing and talking with each other. I can't really remember what was our topic because most of the time, we were just making foolishness with each other.

Hey, it's me and Alyssa. I miss this girl so much and I apologize for being clingy with you most of the times. This may sounds sappy but I miss you and I love you from the bottom of hypothalamus, Med Girl.

Alyssa and Jesse. An hour later, Carl, Jonah and Jonah's cousin arrived because we were planning to watch Lovi Poe. But to our dismay, we missed the chance to see her because we still went to Whatever to have our Karaoke Session reserved. An addition of being dismay, we didn't had the session because we were number 20 on the waiting list.

So moving on, we decided to go to our forever favorite "chill" place which is the Hayahay Restobar. We watched the Chucoi Band play while we had a pizza and some bottles of beer. One memorable happening is that it is Jesse's first night out at Hayahay. Oh no, we weren't being a bad influence to her. We just want her to experience this kind of moment of her life.

Alyssa went home early because she has something to do and night outs were not her type. Jesse also went home right after the first session of the band.

We met our old highschool classmate, so we grabbed the opportunity to have a picture together. After Hayahay, the rest of the gang went to Tiki Bar to have a shot of flaming ferrari which it turned out another bottle of beer because they had only Bacardi that time. In Tiki, we saw Ellen and good thing she invited us to join her together with her boyfriend and other two friends on the table.

It was a fun night except for the awkward incident that happen while we were dancing on the floor. 

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