Last March 21, 2013, a very memorable event for us seniors was held at Spanish Heritage to reminisce the bond that we have and share our experiences during our internship. The SU ICLS Grad Bash was the last [formal] party of our college life as a Medical Technology student. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take tons of photos during the even because I was a bit lazy to move. Nevertheless, this didn't lessen up the happiness I had during the night.

We were seated together with our co-interns per institution and of course, I was seated next to Alyssa who became my close buddy throughout the years and internship.

Jonahmae was from Perpetual Soccor Hospital [PSH], who came over our table in the entire program.

Alyssa, Joshua, Yreca, Anne Dawn and Seth.

Of course, Nova always wants to have a picture together with Seth because all came from Block 9 during our third year in college.

From the left, Bea was my "Zister Nose" during fourth year first semester because we were blockmates. And on the left picture is Keezell, who happens to be my crush during third year. I always get a chance to have a picture with him.

The event went great and unexpectedly, I received an award as a nominee in Best Of Practice Award in Silliman University Medical Center. The certificate was with Alyssa because I can't afford to roll it and tuck inside my bag since there's an "After Party" and Alyssa is not going.

The night went great most especially we went to Labeled after the Grad Bash. It was like the last ultimate Party Party together with my co-Medtechs. 

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