From January to February 2013. (Instagram Photo Dump)

It's been more than two months I haven't updated my blogspot and now, I am back. I've been into ups and downs during my internship in Bohol which made me too lazy to blog about it. I can't say it was a superb experience out there but I'll just say that I everything happened is now charged to experience.

My co-interns and I arrived Bohol at January 2, 2013 which was kind of hassle because we have duty on the following day at 7:00 in the morning. My roomies were Alyssa and Nova and we stayed at Visarra House which was ran by the dear care taker, Ate Luz. So, yes, this is how our room looks like and we call ourselves as Princesses on the very first day because we thought that our room is a room of a Princess.

The brown guy is Rouselle and he also stayed on the same house but in different room.

The sad thing about living away from your parents is food. I barely have complete meals in a day and as for my breakfast, I have cereals, banana and bread during my day shift.

This is Governor Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital where I had my last two months of Intership as a Medical Technology Student. They also call this as the "Provincial Hospital" because it is the only hospital of Bohol that caters to all provinces in the island.

I didn't get to have tons of extravagant photos from the laboratory like I did in the previous hospital. I felt uninspired and dead in Bohol because I was hungry and homesick. Moreover, the environment didn't suit me. There is something in Dumaguete that makes me think of going home.

Well, I also had bonding times with my co-interns and the first place we went was in Mabaw Reef, Cainget. People would laugh about this because the place is near the pier but the heck? This place is awesome because of its semi-white sand and blue water. It is cleaner than the sea in Dumaguete. Hmm. We also went to Panglao, one of Bohol's great destinations. I am going to blog about this later because it is was a fun experience I had. This is one great thing about Bohol, I love the beach.

Because I am an ultimate coffee lover, I tried one of their coffeeshops which is the Brew Point. I guess it is the best coffeeshop they can have in the place aside from Sweet Home Cafe which I never tried because of the average feedbacks I got. Bohol didn't have a 24 hour-coffeeshop unlike Dumaguete. I went to Brew Point with some of my co-interns also.

Nova turned 21 years old last February 14 and because I love surprising my friends, I did something special for her. I bought two heart shaped balloons and a pink rose. I also joined some of my friends in buying cupcakes and pizzas on the special night. 

We also celebrated Anne Dawn's late birthday at their place. I guess this is the first picture I posted where your can see my co-interns. This was also the first time we ate out together as a group but the sad thing is that we were incomplete. It made me feel that our group was not that really united.

And lastly, someone sent me seventeen pink cupcakes as a late Valentine's gift. Thank you so much because it really made my day despite the misfortunes I encountered during Internship. You are really a good good friend.

I guess that's a wrap about my life from January to February 2013 with photo dumps from Instagram. Well, I am currently focusing on my exams this hell week. Orals. Practicals. And. Pre-Boards. Help me God.

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