“Surely, as I have planned, so it will be,
and as I have purposed, so it will happen." Isaiah 14:24

I am glad that I, myself is part of this glorious event for every student who have surpassed the sleepless nights, eyebag inducing exams, papers and projects and the nerve wrecking distribution of grades within the so-called "College Life". This event is a special one because it is the 100th University Commencement which means we are the "Centennial Batch" of Silliman University and I offer this to our Lord Almighty.

I hope I have made both of my parents proud because I know they have shed sweat and blood with all their hearts for me to finish a four-year degree course. I admit that the happiness I am aiming for isn't yet attained since there is still an incoming Board Exam for us and I want the "R.M.T" at the end of my name badly.

I won't talk about the whole program proper but I will have my friends posted rather because they have contributed such great memories during my college life. In the picture are my co-interns from SUMC-GCGMH [Janice, Seth, Lianna, Joynmyrn, Christine, Stephanie, Joshua, Me, Alyssa]. These people are amazing because we conquered our intership together as a team despite the misunderstandings we had in the group.

My DuScian Family. Nova, Yreca, Alyssa and yours truly. We graduated highschool in the same school and now, we graduated college in the same university and the same course. We are known for having the "DuScian Curse" where we spill out korny and not-so-funny jokes to other people. The bond that we have as a DuScian Family is still right there because once a DuScian is always a DuScian.

Tres Marias. Of course, my roomies during Internship and my two friends who can I always have a "Chill Moment" at Evermall. It was sad to know that Nova isn't pursuing Medicine because she wants to apply for a work after Board Exam. She has her own priorities once she have attained the title of RMT. She wants to help her parents and repay his Uncle for funding her education. Moreover, Alyssa shall enrol to Medicine this incoming school year and so, she will be a year ahead on me in Medical School.

First Photo: That is RJ and we we were blockmates in first year first semester. We call each other as "Takirob or Taks" for some reason and this reason is remain to be untold. We were friends but not that tight and there was a time we had confrontations together due to misunderstandings and backstabbing. But Thank Jesus that was already over because we stopped being so childish about it and acted matured. I am so proud of him for he is our Class President and he managed to be so responsible in doing his duties.

Second Photo: That is Jhunalee and I always bully her because of her height. Can't you believe it, I am taller than her and my height is 4'11. She was my study buddy. We went to numerous coffeeshops already just to keep our soul awake. She is such a good friend.

Third Photo: Meet my gayfriend, Ken. I always harass him sexually and intimately. I know you'll think it's gross but he is the only person that I love to hug. His body is perfect. (Please observe sarcasm on this part.) Haha. Okay, let's go to the serious part. Ken is the funniest person I've ever met and like Jhunalee, I bully him everyday but he doesn't cares which this makes him a cool person. 

Fourth Photo: The last but not the least is Clem. She is a one hell great photographer in the department. She has won various awards when it comes to photography. In addition, Clem is such a religious child of God. She is not ashamed to spread His words and share her experiences with God to us. She is also a friend that you can count on and I thank her for giving me a "Bible" to keep and to guide me everyday.

Fob and Jet. Two of the super seniors I've met and went partying. I wasn't expecting that we could be friends but because of alcohol and night, it brings new acquaintances and friends together.

Sir Alex. If you only knew how obsessed I was with my professor. But I am glad that I was already over with it after internship. I was able to forget the feelings of being so attached with this guy. And yes, I am not ashamed to tell you people that I had a crush on him because it was real. I know I looked stupid on those days that I felt butterflies in my stomach but it's totally fine because I can have that as something to laugh at in the near future.

Lastly, I owe my family a lot because they were always at my back to support me financially, spiritually and emotionally in my entire educational life. I know this is such a cliche but it's true that without them, my family, I won't be who I am right now. Don't worry my dear parents, sister and grandmother, I shall repay the sacrifices and guidance you have gave me. I love you all so much.

Now that I am already a degree holder, Bachelor Science of Medical Technology, I would like to Thank our Great Gracious Lord Almighty for guiding me and making things possible with my dreams and prayers. I am not good with writing a long speech about thanking anyone but Lord, I am very much thank you for the blessing you have showered upon me. I will give back the goodness Your have given to me by being an instrument in helping other people.

To my fellow graduates, congratulations to all of us. Our next stop is the Board Exam and let's make it 100% and top the board. God Bless you all.

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