Yesterday, we had a plan for an eat out before I go to Bohol this January 2. I was giddy and excited because it’s been awhile we haven’t seen each other. However, it was cancelled because her family was preparing for a family dinner on that night. So, we have to push it on the following day which is today but still the eat out was cancelled for I guess family matters again. I was upset and sad because I expected that it would really push through. I said that it was fine and so, I slept early. I didn’t even attend my Elementary Classmates Mini-Reunion.

But around 10:00 this evening, my mom and sister woke me up because someone was looking for me outside the apartment. I thought it was just a dream but my sister opened the door in our terrace and told me that someone was really looking for me. I peeped outside but then I can’t see that “someone” clearly because I just woke up. So I grabbed a towel (and I don’t know why) and went downstairs. As I slowly walk towards the gate, I realized that it was her. She was bringing a Dunkin’ Donuts plastic. I was surprised because I didn’t expect that she will come and bring me some food. She told me that she called numerous times on my phone but I didn’t answer. I felt bad for letting her wait outside the apartment for quite long. She also handed me a cold coffee and still I was in great shock. No one has ever did this to me. I felt special.

Dear you, thank you for a wonderful night. I know this post sounds sappy but let me take the opportunity to thank you for your awesome kindness. Again, you never fail to make me smile. I’ll treasure this night because it is such a sweet moment to end the year. :) Thank you for being a good good buddy.

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