On an extraordinary day with co-interns.

Yesterday, we had a shoot of our music video for our Christmas Party and our venue was just the hospital. You won't find any behind the scenes in this post because basically, it would be just faces of Alyssa and Bater. A thought crossed my mind on why don't we have a picture of ourselves inside the hospital premises when there are tourists who come to our place and very eager to have a remembrance of Silliman University.

This Baterna or Frances Bater. We used her family name as her nickname because it sounds so cool. She didn't join the music video because she has to run some errands. You can see how happy she is because her ultimate crush who happens a pathologist said "Hi, Bater" to her.

And this Joymyrn Concepcion and it was her birthday yesterday. That is why her name is Joymyrn Concepcion because yesterday was the Immaculate Conception. I gave her a tight hug first thing in the morning as a birthday present for her.

And this is me. Had an epic day yesterday. So blessed and happy!

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