It is a Neon Christmas Party.

So this is going to be a semi-fail post about the Clinical Laboratory's Neon Christmas Party because I wasn't able to document nor took detailed photos of it because I was half busy and half lazy. Nevertheless, I am still posting this because it was one of the successful and happy night I've encountered during my intership in Silliman Medical University.

Credits to Sir Eufrejames, our dear blood bank nurse for these photos because I just grabbed these from his album in facebook. It was us interns who made the party possible because we were assigned for the setting, decorations and games. I was part of the decoration committee and I tell you that we were in a struggle in putting up our decorations because we were only four in the group. We made the decorations for less than a week because our shift was 7:00AM to 6:00PM plus we have rotational exams and oral exams to take.

See the white guy standing at the right? That is our newly announced Chief Medtech of the laboratory because Ma'am Paz Calumba will be retiring next year. He was the head of Blood Bank and he is a cool good RMT in the laboratory.

We also presented a small dance number during the party plus a video presentation for our RMTs. It was a funny video because we danced secretly while they were serious working in the laboratory. They were shocked and laughing in the entire time of the presentation because didn't notice us doing those crazy moves while they were working.

Here are some of our RMTs with their significant one and some of the Blood Bank Nurse and receptionists.

We had games and raffles during the party. I won a Music Angel from the raffle but I had it exchanged with my other RMT for a coffee maker because she likes my prize while I long for a coffee maker! 

Sir Allan wanted a picture with the boy interns and Bloodbank nurses.

Of course we had an after party with the RMTs. It was fun. We had karaoke sessions, disco sessions and drinking sessions which was really fun. So sad that this week will be our last week in SUMCFI as an intern because next year, we will be in Bohol.

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