Hello, dear friends.

Hooray, we met again my dear friends. We just had our rotational exam on our respective last week's rotation and was a bit hard in my part. I had Hematology and I studied about abnormal cells until I forgot the basic details of some diseases and tests.

We had our exam at past four in the afternoon and finished it within an hour only. Nova is an intern in NOPH and she already signed out in her duty while us, Alyssa are from SUMCFI and haven't signed out yet. After the our duty, we went out to chill together. 

We ate at McDonalds and talked a lot of things. About our duty, our RMTS, co-interns and everything inside the laboratory. We are excited for our duty in Bohol since we will be living under the same roof.

Great time. Great time with these kids.

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