Catching up on a Saturday Night.

I just ranted about keeping track on my happenings these past few weeks which I really find lazy to work on.   I don't know if I should sleep right now because it's the rarest thing I can do when my next rotation starts or spend the whole time slurping the internet because it is also the rarest thing I can do these days. 

This is why I grabbed myself a home made tuna pizza as my dinner because I consider this night as a free night. Speaking about my next rotation, I have already accomplished the requirements I have to past from my last rotation which is in SUMCFI. Probably, next time you'll read in my blog is about my internship in Gallares Hospital which is in Bohol. Oh gee. Hello, Chocolate Hills!

Since I cannot put the details of what happened to my life these past few weeks, I decided to jot down the highlights using the instagram photos. I guess, I have already consider as Instagram as my stockroom for updates. So, yeah, I got an iPAD 3 from my mom. But I won't bring this in Gallares because I prefer to bring my laptop which I think will be very useful for writing my narrative reports.

And then a good friend of mine from Zamboanga sent me a package of goodies as her Christmas gift. I am so much thankful for the tumbler because I've been eyeing for this since forever.

Alyssa and I had a mini-meet up with our dear friend, Dona. It's been awhile we haven't seen each other since the internship starts. She is assigned in Cebu and she just went home for a day here in Dumaguete because the next time she'll be home will be on the last week of February.

Pulled out an all nighter on the few remaining days of my rotation in SUMCFI because I have tons of Rotational Exams to make plus quotas to comply. I also bought myself a set of colored pens as a Christmas Gift for myself.

And lastly, we had our last photos for the year 2012 because the next we will see each other will be on January 2 and that time we our heading to Bohol. Wuhoo.

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