UNDAS 2012

Last November 1, we rode a bus heading to Bacolod at around 4:30 in the morning. It's been years we haven't went home to our hometown and since some of my relatives are going home too, we decided to take the chance. It was on the following day when we visited my grandmother or the parent of my mom in Rolling Hills. Though I haven't met her in my younger years, I still cherish her living because she has given me the most beautiful woman in the world, my mom.

At occasions like this, it is like a family reunion of the Montelibano's. In the picture, these are my nephews and my niece who were so hyperactive and joyful. The girl beside me is Angelique, she travelled way from Leyte with my tita and my cousins. The boys wearing brown and orange shirts are just from Bacolod while the last one is from Manila.

My nephews are the cutest little kids I could ever have running in our blood line.

And this Khent. He is from Bacolod and he's super duper cute.

Our Pampers Baby :)

Sunset at Rolling Hills.

We went home around 8:30 at night. We spent merienda and dinner at Rolling Hills and it has been a tradition to offer food on top of my grandmother's epitaph. It was great to see old and new faces from our race. I miss this kind of event in my life. It was a great UNDAS 2012 with the Montelibano's.

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