Suddenly, i'ts movie in Bacolod!

Obviously, this post still speaks about how I spent my days in Bacolod City with my cousins, nephews and niece. After going to the Tower, we directly headed to SM City to eat snacks and roam for a little while.

Supposedly, we are going to have our lunch at our Tita's place (where we stayed during our visits) but my mother suggested that me and my cousins will stay in SM City so that we could have our own bonding time together. It was a big exhale for all of us because we're already suffocated with guardians by our sides and we can't enjoy the things we want to do. A big thanks to my mom!

We ate our lunch at McDonalds and went for a stroll. We can't go shop all the things we want everytime we get inside a store because our budget was limited. So we decided to kill the time by watching a movie. I am not really a big fan of local movies but because Mario Maurer (my ultimate Thai crush) is the leading actor, I agreed with my cousins for the movie of choice.

This is how we look while waiting for our turn because the line was pretty long. It was a great movie indeed and it made me kilig to the bones. Erich Gonzales is such a lucky girl. I promise to have a movie review about Suddenly it's Magic if I have enough time. :)

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