Second Rotation: Microscopy Section

My second rotation was in the Microscopy section from November 12 to 17 and my bestfriend in the section was the Sysmex UF-1000i. It is a fully automated urine particle analyzer intended for vitro diagnostic use in urinalysis. This screens that abnormal samples with a high degree of accuracy, quantify erythrocytes, leukocytes, casts and epithelial cells. It uses the principle of flow cytometry, optical and dynamic focusing.

This is the IPU of the said machine. This where we check if the results were okay to released or if the flagging parameters were on a red mark. If this happen, the sample should be mounted on a slide and confirm it under the microscope manually.

One rack is limited only with 10 test tubes and your can do it through sampler or manually. In sampler, you just need to position the rack properly on the machine and press F3+Enter to start. If you want to do it manually, you still have to press F2 and encode the sample ID. The barcode stickers should be placed properly to avoid rack error which frequently happen with the machine.

The centrifuge was used for those slides that marked red in the flagging parameters for mounting. 

This microscope is not only used for the mounted urine samples but also for other tests such as semen analysis, fecalysis and other body fluids. The frequent samples we receive in a laboratory are urine samples. During my rotation, I saw epithelial cells, amorphous compounds, bacteria, wbc, rbc, yeasts and fungal hyphae.

Say hello to our ancient counter. This is used for counting while observing under the microscope.

Our fully automated strip reader demo machine. Yes, it is still a demo machine and it is needed to be observed for a month to check if the company's product work well. But what we really do is to read the reagent strips manually and record it directly to their Polytech.

We change gloves everytime we touched the specimen's container. I learned a lot from my section like being tidy, things in order and remember names. I pretty low with memory that's why microscopy has enhanced it. So far, this is the easiest section I have compared with Phlebotomy. 

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