Perks of Being An Intern in A Laboratory

I've been complaining since the first week of my rotation that my feet and back hurts. Well, this is because there are only stools and you do the standing and walking most of the time. My shift is 11 hours with 15 minutes snacks break and 30 minutes lunch break. During my phlebotomy rotation, I didn't get to have a snacks break because it is warding every two hours. 

Despite the body aches I gain from my internship, I had fun learning different techniques and advices from my RMT's and CI's. Thank God that I completed my quota of five slides each day in my Microscopy section. Moreover, I enjoy the hand on's I am experiencing in the laboratory. I feel like I am an extern or even a professional RMT.

Being an intern inspires me to pursue my dreams as a doctor now that I have observed the system inside a laboratory. I get to know the results and would even diagnose it by myself because this is part of our internship parameters, the diseases and its pathophysiology.

I still have tons to tell about my internship and I hope you guys learned something from my posts.

This is Bater and Seth, my co-interns. They are from Blood Bank.

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